Dancers from the age of three to adult experience the joy of dancing in an encouraging atmosphere. Dancers gain confidence, stay healthy, explore artistic expression, and perform with their class in the year-end show.

Mission Dance Centre is a pleasant and friendly environment and there are so many bonuses to taking a recreation dance class whether you are an adult, teen or child: getting fit, having the attention of fun loving and dedicated teachers who are committed to the progress of each student, good posture, positive self presentation, a great way to meet new friends or dance with existing ones!

The recreational program includes hip-hop, ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical and even flamenco!

Once a week is all you need to commit to and everyone has the fun opportunity of performing their class dance in the year-end show. Costume fees for this year-end show will apply for each class taken.

If your child loves to dance then they may be a good fit for our performing program. Does your child dance around the living room every day or can't sit still when they hear music playing? Then you may want to consider our Pre-Professional Performing Program for our young performers who start as early as six and have the privilege of performing in MDC's annual Nutcracker and other shows throughout the year in our community. 

*no previous experience necessary for ages 6-14

Ask us about our Advanced Recreation Program so your child can perform in our annual performance of the Nutcracker!

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Pre School 3-4 Year Olds

Wednesday 315 – 4pm

Pre Novice Ballet (4 year olds only)

Saturday 9 - 945am

Pre School Ballet / Jazz


Pre Novice 5-6 Year Olds

Wednesday 315 – 4pm

Pre Novice Ballet

Saturday 9 – 945am

Pre Novice Ballet / Tap

Saturday 945 – 1030am

Pre Novice Jazz / Hip Hop


Youth 6-12 Year Olds

Monday 5 – 6pm

Hip Hop / Jazz

(6-9 Year Olds)

Friday 4 – 445pm

Hip Hop / Jazz

(9-12 Year Olds)

Friday 445 – 530pm


(9-12 Year Olds)

Friday 530 – 615pm


(9-12 Year Olds)

Saturday 1030 – 1130am


(7-10 Year Olds)

Saturday 1130 – 1230pm

Jazz / Tap

(7-10 Year Olds)


Teen 13 Years +

Thursday 815 – 915pm

Beginner Flamenco (15 Years +)

Friday 445 – 530pm

Hip Hop

Friday 530 – 630pm


Friday 630 – 730pm

Contemporary / Lyrical


Adult 19 Years +

Monday 815 – 915pm

Beginner Ballet

Wednesday 815 – 915

Hip Hop

Thursday 815 – 915

Beginner Flamenco (15+)